Bringing you songs from 60's rock'n'roll through to the 90's - and the hottest songs from the legendary Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley and Johnny O'Keefe - only one performer does the lot - the incomparable Johnny Gray.

Johnny Gray is a well known and respected in the music industry, and worked for most Brisbane and greater Queensland clubs. Johnny works as a Solo, Duo and Four Member Band with both the Johnny Gray Experience featuring the Neil Diamond show, as well as the Legends of Rock & Roll. Both shows include lighting, smoke machine and full production, and the 'Legends' show features Johnny in costume as Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley and Johnny O'Keefe.

Please stop a while and have a look around, and click on the audio bars and have a listen to Johnny Gray sing the songs from the Legends of Rock & Roll.


Johnny Gray is one of the most enduring and best known singers to come out of Brisbane.

Starting in the early sixties he formed a band, "The Fabulous Flamingoes", which became Queensland's top band. Johnny and the band went on to win "Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds" in 1967 securing themselves a place in the finals in Melbourne. Johnny Gray and the Flamingoes won third place winning a recording contract and later went on tour.

After seeing Neil Diamond perform in Brisbane at Festival Hall in the 70's, Johnny began thinking of putting a Neil Diamond concept show together. Johnny was so impressed with Neil Diamond that he incorporated most of Diamond's songs to the band's repertoire immediately. Over the years Johnny had been singing the repertoire so well that he even began to perform the part, with the feel and almost identical vocal sound of Neil Diamond.

A regular concept show was hard to keep together with the intransient nature of backing musicians and Johnny was let down regularly.

However, in the 80's music technology presented Johnny with a consistency of sound with midi, and finally Johnny was able to realise his dream of doing his show right.

Johnny Gray has since taken his Neil Diamond Concept Show to most parts of Queensland, as well as performing regularly as a soloist, and with his duet, trio and full band. His show is ideal for hotels and clubs as well as corporate and private functions.

Johnny recently took his Neil Diamond Concept Show on tour of western Queensland and Northern Territory, wowing audiences wherever he performed.




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